Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today is Janelle's Birthday!!

This post goes out to my BESTEST friend, Janelle! It is her birthday today, and she definitely deserves to see some g.r.e.a.t. pictures that she probably forgot about. I'm pretty sure this is the first birthday I've missed of hers since we became friends FIVE years ago. I have some great memories from her past birthdays that I thought I would share...

Memory #1
Best Birthday Hat

Memory #2
Best Ice Cream Cake

Memory #3
Funniest Dinner Choice

Janelle is a funny girl. I was very honored, once, to get her signature. It was awesome.

Now Janelle and I danced together at CU and on Broncos. She is great with a camera, and I am not. She always MADE me take pictures, which now, I am so thankful that I have iphoto full of pictures of Janelle and me :)

Here she was not only a team-mate, but my assistant coach too!

One thing about Janelle is that she is always so creative. She comes up with some great ideas for Halloween, party planning, and stays on top of it all! You can always count on her to not only find an outfit, but make sure we have matching eye shadow, socks, and even underwear!!!!
(Let's just say, orange eyeshadow is NOT my best look!)

Here are some fun facts about Janelle...

Janelle LOVES to take pictures of herself (with others!) by sticking her arm out with the camera!
See the arm?!
...and most of the time they turn out terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle (and I) love SLURPEES! We have definitely driven to 7-11 at some very late and odd hours! When that 7-11 closed on Walnut, our hearts sank :(
(If you are wondering why this is a "slurpee" pic, just look at Janelle's tongue! We were drinking slurpees even in Daytona!

Random funny things always happen to Janelle...
...need I say more?!?!
Come to think of it, maybe she creates some of the funny things...

She is a great host. She is always so thoughtful and caring and would do anything for her friends.

She ALWAYS lets me borrow her clothes!
It was hard to find just ONE picture to represent this fun fact. But I thought this was good because she hadn't even worn this dress before she let me wear it!

She is SO CLEAN! I may not be clean or organized, but I know it when I see it!

But more important than any birthday memory, fun fact, or Halloween photo shoot, she is a great friend. I hope that you (Janelle) had a WONDERFUL birthday today and I'm so sad that I'm not living closer to you to be able to celebrate in person. Blow out those candles for me!!! XOXO Lauren


  1. Thanks Lauren! This is so much fun to read and relive some pretty sweet pictures, and fun memories! I miss you out here and I think we met in April 2006- so its been 6 years of friendship!! :) you missed at birthday celebrations this year! Hope to see you soon- love you!! And ps- where is that Green dress now?? I don't know come to think of it!! Lol

  2. A few more things...A - that "funny meal" was Justin being a boy and crazy and I didn't even order that. B - When did I autograph that poster and what was it? and C - that might be it for now. :)

  3. A. I KNEW THAT! B. Anna and I made you a poster when you were on Mammoth! C. You're crazy!